Electrical Contractor Services

Innovative electrical contracting is the foundation

When you need electrical renovations, upgrades and energy efficiency improvements, you need a contractor you can trust. Collins Control & Electric, Inc. has been serving Northern Colorado homeowners and businesses since 1980.

Our distinctions are creativity, innovation and flexibility as we listen to your requirements and deliver high quality electrician services.  We always strive to give you the solution that fits your needs, not more.  We are experienced in designing the whole electrical system, or can work from your specifications and designs.

We have always maintained a core focus on the responsible consumption of electrical energy. We enjoy our craft, and keep our skills on the leading edge. All our work conforms to the electrical code and includes licenses and inspections for your peace of mind.  

Learn more: Commercial & industrial.   Residential.

Power generation systems

We offer backup generators to keep your home or business operating through power failures, and off-grid generators for the ultimate in self sufficiency.  Depending on your needs, we can integrate solar systems to save you money on electricity.   Many systems are required for you to continue to operate in case of an emergency, and a common requirement is electricity.  Generators are often a first step in a business continuity plan.  Learn more:  Generators.

Solar Energy Systems

We offer solar energy systems for our residential, off-grid, and commercial customers.  We offer the entire integrated system including the solar panels, mechanical, electrical, installation and maintenance. Our expertise in electrical contracting ensures that the most critical electrical and inverter systems are properly designed and implemented for best performance.  We tilt away from complexity and toward robust systems that can take Colorado environmental conditions.  Learn more about Solar Energy Systems.

Energy efficient lighting

We are experts in advanced lighting systems that can improve your work mood and environment, while saving energy.   Long lasting LED systems, not only offer long life and lower maintenance, but can also provide dramatic lighting for your business and historical properties.

When you invest in energy efficiency, you often get additional benefits beyond saving electricity costs — increased office productivity and reduced labor costs, and great stewardship of the environment.  Visit: (Lighting page place holder)

Historic Preservation and Renovation

Many historic buildings in Colorado are beautiful treasures.  When these buildings are restored, much attention is placed on preserving their original character.  Our goal is to preserve the aesthetics without unsightly wiring.  We also take a step into the future with advanced lighting that can enhance these buildings and present them with special occasion lighting.  See more: Historic preservation.

We are fully licensed in Colorado, and operate within a three hour drive from Fort Collins, for example Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder, Eastern Plains and mountain communities.

Fort Collins Electric customers now have a better choice of electrician. Visit our electrical contractor services pages to learn more.